You have to start somewhere.

May 17, 2012

January 2012 something in me shifted.  This was it. All the back and forth, losing and gaining I have gone through in my life was over.  I decided to make some drastic changes in my every day routines and lifestyle to be a healthier and happier verison of myself.

I have fought a lifelong struggle against my genetic makeup.  Chubby child turns into chubby teenager.  Being a chubby teenager took its toll.  This is my time to take those all too awful memories and make something positive out of it.

Five months and roughly twenty pounds later, I feel better than I have felt in my entire time on this planet.  And it feels amazing, but I’m not stopping here, I still have so much to lose. It may be slow going, but its steady and I have done this enough times in the past to know it is no easy task for me; progress no matter how slow or small, is progress.

This space is for reflecting on what I have accomplished and what is coming up next.  And to hold myself accountable.

Up next I’m going to put it all out there with stats and measurements.  Stay tuned.


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