Truth Time.

May 31, 2012

I’ve decided to put it all out there, because really, it is just a number.  And even though the pounds are not melting away, I can feel and see changes in my body that keep me going.  I also like to think the massive amount of muscle I’m building in my legs from all the running (I did two miles this morning, woo!) might be hindering pounds lost.  I really should have taken measurements back then, but I did not.  I might tonight though, to start from today and compare in a few months.  Anyway, I am totally rambling to avoid the inevitable…..

January 1st I weighed in on the old Wii Fit (I’m buying a real scale soon) at 218 pounds.  This is two pounds shy of my highest adulthood weight back in 2007, when I began Weight Watchers for the first time.  I knew things needed to change.

This morning I hopped back on there and was at 204.  Hrm. Not exactly all that impressive.  About a month ago I weighed myself at the gym and was at 201.  (Now, I have been warned about the ridiculously old scale at the gym by another regular gym goer, that it is not reliable so I don’t trust it too much, but it still feels like I’ve gained a bit. Le Sigh.)  Bottom Line: I need to invest in a good scale to have at home but more over, I need to change some things, because obviously keeping on the way I’ve been doing things is not working in the best way.

A couple quotes I saw on Pinterest come to mind:

You will never out train a bad diet.


Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.

I will remember these when I feel the urge to mindlessly eat. Or opt for getting a pizza over making dinner because it feels easier.  These things have to stop in order for me to see better results.

Next time I’m going to find some before and current photos to throw on here, and maybe those measurements as well? Check back soon.

See you then!


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