June 30, 2012

From Pinterest of course:

Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.

New total is 5.6 pounds lost. Yay! (since June 2nd)


It is still progress, right?

I skipped the week three weigh in at our work Weight Loss Challenge because I was on vacation.  So at the end of week four, I was anxious to see how I had done.  I’m down another 1.2 pounds.

Since it had been two entire weeks since the last weigh in, I was hoping for more and I was really upset with myself that day.

Then I looked at how much I have lost since the first day: 5.2 pounds. In a 4 weeks.  I’ll take it.  It is slightly more than a pound a week, and from my past experience with weight loss, it is about right for me.

I also need to remember how great I feel being active every day.  That is much more important than numbers on a scale.

I have to cut this short though, we have a date with the water park up the street!

While I may have took a vacation from updating here,  my healthy lifestyle was in full effect for the last week.   I was off work from June 8th-18th and since a beach vacation was not a possibility for us this year,I still had a relaxing week that involved swimming, sunshine and a lot of yummy grilled foods.  I tried to incorporate activity in as much as possible as well.  The days where I couldn’t make it to the gym I walked/jogged and I even did some light exercises the day I took my oldest girl to the pool.

Overall, it was a great week.

I think it helped that I kept close to home when it came to eating.  Lots of grilled turkey dogs and turkey burgers were had, along with salads and fresh fruits.  Not being on a normal routine can sometimes be troublesome when eating is involved but I kept busy and found that the lack of downtime kept me from snacking too much.

My office is part of a Weight Loss Challenge our parent company has organized and according to the doctor’s office scale I was on yesterday, I’m down 2.6 pounds from a June 8th weigh in.  Hopefully getting back to my gym routine this week will tip the scales down a bit more by this Friday’s assessment.

More to come later in the week!

Short Term Goal.

June 7, 2012

I have been avoiding saying this out loud to anyone for some time now…because of a few reasons.  It’s cliché and I don’t like that fact. Plus I worry if I do and I don’t succeed then something horrible will happen. (Perfectionist much? Um, yes indeed I am.) Then I think about how great it would be if I DO and here we are.

Goal: To fit into my wedding dress by our Third Anniversary on August 29th.


There I am, all sassy pants and bridey. There is Best-best friend in the background, from yesterday’s recap she was also the best MOH.

So, If I remember correctly, I was approximately 180ish on this day.  So that’s about 25 pounds from here. I think it is totally attainable, but if it doesn’t happen by the exact date, oh well, I’ll keep working for it and get there eventually.

Here’s to remembering this photo when I really just want to eat a pound of chocolate. The end!

I have the best-best friend ever. Yesterday we did something together I never thought we would. We ran two miles. Together! This was my inaugural running with someone run.  It was nice. I’m pretty sure having someone else next to me increased my speed. She has about 3 inches in height on me and a much more fit physique so while I never thought I would transform into a runner, I also never thought I would run with her of all people.  I hope to make it a weekly occurrence if she is up for it.

This morning I tested out showering at the gym and then heading straight to work. After a nice workout (I did some abs mat work, ran a mile and then hopped on the elliptical for a while) I showered and got ready in about 20 minutes, even though there were some kinks.  I used to shower at the gym when I was still in college since I also worked on campus to boot.  I need to check into getting a monthly locker rental.  It would make the whole process easier to not have to take all the essentials every day.

I’m gong to toot my own horn a bit: I’m in awe of my self for getting up at 5:30 am in order to hit the gym early. It feels like I accomplish so much before most people are even awake for the day. This is not to say I wasn’t groggy and a little bit annoyed when the alarm went off, but I chose to get up anyway.  A big part of healthy living for me is making choices that are not the easiest but what are best for me. And over time making those choices that are best become the easiest.  Look at me, being all deep and stuff.

I have an urge to attempt a run tonight, but we will see if it is still there by the time I get home from work around 6 tonight. Maybe I’ll challenge the husband to run along with me?

Until next time!

Visual Aide.

June 3, 2012


This was New Year’s Eve, 12.31.11


The last week of April I felt the need to snap a photo


And here I am yesterday.

I wish I would have done a January 1st photo, but too late now. And please pardon the messy kid’s room in the background, the lighting in the hall is awful and we had been spending weekends when the kiddo is over at the in-laws recently, so haven’t needed to clean up in there.

So I don’t feel like visibly I’ve come very far, but there are definite changes happening, even if they are tiny.

This morning I ran 2 miles, minus walking the last .15 of it because I way over heated. I also was fumbling with my music and ran through some low hanging branches.  I know this whole thing isn’t going to be quick or easy, but it is going to be worth it in the long haul.

Note to Self

June 1, 2012

Today I took a break from my morning run, having been at it on both Wednesday and Thursday mornings this week.  There was heavy rain on the forecast anyways, and my calves thank me for the reprieve.


My energy level is morning has been extremely low.  Getting up LATER and not being active first thing has left me feeling groggy and a bit cranky to boot. So next time, I’m going to switch out the morning run for an early gym or video workout. And I’ll be sweating it out after work at the gym tonight as well.