Visual Aide.

June 3, 2012


This was New Year’s Eve, 12.31.11


The last week of April I felt the need to snap a photo


And here I am yesterday.

I wish I would have done a January 1st photo, but too late now. And please pardon the messy kid’s room in the background, the lighting in the hall is awful and we had been spending weekends when the kiddo is over at the in-laws recently, so haven’t needed to clean up in there.

So I don’t feel like visibly I’ve come very far, but there are definite changes happening, even if they are tiny.

This morning I ran 2 miles, minus walking the last .15 of it because I way over heated. I also was fumbling with my music and ran through some low hanging branches.  I know this whole thing isn’t going to be quick or easy, but it is going to be worth it in the long haul.


2 Responses to “Visual Aide.”

  1. John Says:

    It’ll be worth it in the end, you’ve already made great progress.

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