Tuesday/Wednesday Recap.

June 6, 2012

I have the best-best friend ever. Yesterday we did something together I never thought we would. We ran two miles. Together! This was my inaugural running with someone run.  It was nice. I’m pretty sure having someone else next to me increased my speed. She has about 3 inches in height on me and a much more fit physique so while I never thought I would transform into a runner, I also never thought I would run with her of all people.  I hope to make it a weekly occurrence if she is up for it.

This morning I tested out showering at the gym and then heading straight to work. After a nice workout (I did some abs mat work, ran a mile and then hopped on the elliptical for a while) I showered and got ready in about 20 minutes, even though there were some kinks.  I used to shower at the gym when I was still in college since I also worked on campus to boot.  I need to check into getting a monthly locker rental.  It would make the whole process easier to not have to take all the essentials every day.

I’m gong to toot my own horn a bit: I’m in awe of my self for getting up at 5:30 am in order to hit the gym early. It feels like I accomplish so much before most people are even awake for the day. This is not to say I wasn’t groggy and a little bit annoyed when the alarm went off, but I chose to get up anyway.  A big part of healthy living for me is making choices that are not the easiest but what are best for me. And over time making those choices that are best become the easiest.  Look at me, being all deep and stuff.

I have an urge to attempt a run tonight, but we will see if it is still there by the time I get home from work around 6 tonight. Maybe I’ll challenge the husband to run along with me?

Until next time!


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