Short Term Goal.

June 7, 2012

I have been avoiding saying this out loud to anyone for some time now…because of a few reasons.  It’s cliché and I don’t like that fact. Plus I worry if I do and I don’t succeed then something horrible will happen. (Perfectionist much? Um, yes indeed I am.) Then I think about how great it would be if I DO and here we are.

Goal: To fit into my wedding dress by our Third Anniversary on August 29th.


There I am, all sassy pants and bridey. There is Best-best friend in the background, from yesterday’s recap she was also the best MOH.

So, If I remember correctly, I was approximately 180ish on this day.  So that’s about 25 pounds from here. I think it is totally attainable, but if it doesn’t happen by the exact date, oh well, I’ll keep working for it and get there eventually.

Here’s to remembering this photo when I really just want to eat a pound of chocolate. The end!


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