There is No Vacation from a Healthy Lifestyle.

June 19, 2012

While I may have took a vacation from updating here,  my healthy lifestyle was in full effect for the last week.   I was off work from June 8th-18th and since a beach vacation was not a possibility for us this year,I still had a relaxing week that involved swimming, sunshine and a lot of yummy grilled foods.  I tried to incorporate activity in as much as possible as well.  The days where I couldn’t make it to the gym I walked/jogged and I even did some light exercises the day I took my oldest girl to the pool.

Overall, it was a great week.

I think it helped that I kept close to home when it came to eating.  Lots of grilled turkey dogs and turkey burgers were had, along with salads and fresh fruits.  Not being on a normal routine can sometimes be troublesome when eating is involved but I kept busy and found that the lack of downtime kept me from snacking too much.

My office is part of a Weight Loss Challenge our parent company has organized and according to the doctor’s office scale I was on yesterday, I’m down 2.6 pounds from a June 8th weigh in.  Hopefully getting back to my gym routine this week will tip the scales down a bit more by this Friday’s assessment.

More to come later in the week!


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