July 3, 2012

Is the approximate time I got up today. Why? Because it is July here in Ohio.  It was already a humid 73 by 6:00am when I headed out for a quick 2 miles.  Quick it was, I averaged out at 12 minutes 21 seconds per mile. Well, at least that is quick for me! When I started this running thing, I was at 15 minutes per mile!

I have been feeling sub-par in the afternoons at work and downright shitty in the evenings lately, so I’m excited to see if reviving my morning runs a few days a week helps out.

Also, this will help me get ready for my first race.  There is a fun run in August (side note: It is the same day as my 10 year class reunion.  I would rather run a 4k in late August at 5pm than attend my 10 year: needless to say, I did not peak in high school, it was an awkward time but I’m A-OK with this fact. I would rather not relive those years at a shitty golf course with shitty drinks with people who weren’t exactly chummy with me back then. The end!) in Columbus called the Tap N’ Run.  You run, then you drink some beer, then you run some more and then you repeat.  I’m making this my first race, because how awesome is that?!

I’ve even got the husband on board to run with me. Nothing like a little marital competition!  I should probably mention, my husband is an ex hockey/football player/track & field runner BUT he isn’t exactly a regular exerciser, so this could go either way (unless he trains, and then he’ll smoke me.)

Til next time!


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