July 11, 2012

Monday and Wednesday of this week have been early morning run days and this morning I came to a realization.  For me, early mornings are the best part of any given day.  There is a stillness and quiet that seems to calm my usually frazzled being and the possibilities of what the day will bring are endless.  Traffic is light and very few people are even awake in the world, let alone out for a morning jog.  The fact that I have gotten my booty out of bed and done something productive all before 7am makes me happy as well.

I was feeling a bit burnt out on my routines as of late but I think the fresh morning air did a world of good for me.  I reel revived and like everything is going to be okay.  I have also been slacking on logging my meals and snacks for the past couple weeks (I use MyFitnessPal) but I am back on the wagon with that as well.

Normally, in the past, after a few weeks of less exercise and more bad eating choices I would fall back into bad habits.  This time feels different (I feel like I say that a lot recently) and I’m acknowledging that the ebb and flow of life applies to all aspects and I’m tweaking routines and trying different healthy foods to get out of a rut.

Yay me.  That’s all for today!


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