September 24, 2012

So.  I have been losing and gaining the same four pounds for about two months now.  It is getting really old.  I’ve decided there needs to be some major changes to my routine.  I’m going to keep with the moderate to high intensity early morning workouts but I’m striving to do something different every day.  For example, today I ran intervals of running/power walking switching every minute on the treadmill for 25 minutes.  Then I did the aerobic program on the elliptical for 15 minutes.  I think I need to get over my fear of something new and try the rowing machine.  I used to bike either on the stationary or recumbent and I haven’t been doing either lately.  I’m also going to start walking a couple miles in the evenings as well.  I need to get my husband in on this (he recently went from retail where he was on his feet all day long back to a graphic design 9-5 job where he sits all day) as well.  The fresh air will do us both good and since we are in Ohio, the pleasant early fall weather could be gone any day.

The biggest thing is: I need to clean up my diet.  I am not doing very good lately with making healthy choices with what I put in my body.  I need to remember just because it is the weekend, it does not justify eating poorly.  Or just because I had a shit day at work, doesn’t mean I get to eat pizza for dinner. Breaking 20+ years of emotional eating does not happen over night, but I have already made gigantic strides on certain things.  I no longer eat when I’m bored, and any time I’m hungry right after eating I drink a glass of water because I’ve learned I’m usually just thirsty.  I often think of the following quote I saw on Pinterest:

“Do not reward yourself with food, you are not a dog.”

I also need to remember it took 2.5 years for me to gain almost 40 pounds, Losing 20 of that in 9 months isn’t horrible progress.  It is twenty pounds down.  I have a 2 1/2 year old niece who weighs about 26 pounds (she is a lil thing!) and that is practically what I was carrying around before.  That is some heavy stuff.  I need to stop comparing my current progress to how my last weight loss went.  That was three years ago.  This is now.  I need to learn to stop looking back so much.
It doesn’t get you anywhere but stuck.

This week is all about looking forward, because like it or not, the future becomes the present every day.


Thoughts and stuff.

September 11, 2012

I have been keeping up with my early morning gym trips where I have gotten back into a routine of running 3 days a week and elliptical machine-ing it the rest of the time.  Somedays if I am feeling bored, I’ll split time between a bike and the elliptical as well. I have also added daily strength exercises, because I felt like I wasn’t getting enough lately.  This also keeps me from getting bored with the same thing every day.  Which is totally key to sticking with it.  As the weather gets cooler, I’m thinking about adding a morning run to Saturday or Sunday.  I love this time of year, so to be able to run in it makes me a happy woman.

I know I expected to have lost a lot more by this time when I set out back in January to finally take control over my habits.  I think gaining a new approach and outlook to my life (after flailing a bit in the beginning) makes my slow yet steady pace alright.

People have been noticing my weight loss.  Sometimes I notice it as well.  But I need to weigh in.  It has been a few weeks since my last one. I have an irrational (and long running) fear of the number on the scale.  I need to get over this because seeing tangible proof is always a good thing.