November 22, 2012

I tend to ignore this space when I don’t feel like I’m making any progress on the weight loss side of my life.

Then I remind myself of how a year ago I wasn’t active on a regular basis and the thought of me going for a run was laughable. Now I find myself looking forward to the most active parts of my day.  Just when I think I am getting bored with the gym routine, I dust off an old workout DVD or I start trying to squeeze in outdoor runs again (the weather is giving us yet another small reprieve from typical November in Ohio so I must take advantage).

Tuesday marked 4 months completely smoke free for me.  I had cut down to only smoking in social situations for the past couple years, ones that usually involve alcohol, but 4 months ago I was finally done.

Weight loss is great, but it isn’t like I haven’t accomplished things in the past year.  I have lost about 25 pounds to date, I became a runner and I kicked a nasty habit for good.  I’m so thankful for all of these things, and how they are shaping me as a person as I move into the next years of my life.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m going out on my own personal Turkey Trot right now!