December 5, 2012

Finally! Some Progress!  Hooray! I have dropped 2 pounds per week for the past 2 weeks.  After a months long stretch of maintaining, this feels AMAZING.

I have been running 1 mile at every trip to the gym (plus time on the elliptical) and I have been squeezing in outdoor runs as well.  I did 2 miles in 25 minutes this past Saturday and it hardly felt like work. I’m excited to see how the weather is this coming Saturday because I can’t wait to get outdoors again.  Early morning runs are out of the question (way too dark) and so are after work with little fading daylight once I am home.  I am thinking of actually following through and finding a 5K in my area in the Springtime.  I have this irrational fear of any type of group fitness…classes included, but I really want to run a 5 K and if I think of it like running on a treadmill next to other people at the gym, it doesn’t seem so scary.

I hope to keep up the losing until the end of the year…it would feel awesome to start 2013 off almost 30 pounds lighter than a year ago.


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