So this is the New Year.

January 1, 2014

Oh hai.  Remember me?  You can stop assuming that Thanksgiving Day 10k was the end of me….although it definitely slowed me down for a while for about a week afterwards.  I am really glad I ran it, but, it was probably the stupidest race I could have done for my first one.  Over 17,000 people and freezing cold…I am still not sure why I thought that was a good idea.  I finished with a semi decent time (not nearly as fast as my usual distance pace but whatever) and that is all that matters. 

I somehow survived the holiday season this year.  It felt as if I was being pulled in all these directions when I really just wanted to watch NetFlix in my pajamas.  Sometimes I did, but eventually I would have the guilt and feel the need to be around actual people for a change.   For the first time in pretty much my entire life I am glad to see the end of the holiday season.  I am usually one to leave the Christmas tree up until the weekend after New Year’s but that sucker came down on the 31st with little melancholy on my part…and that was after a solid 5 days of pure procrastinating avoidance like “I should really take the tree down…or I could re-watch another episode of Season 1 of Dexter!” (My husband and I finally finished out that series early December and I think it added to my “meh” holiday spirit.  Yes, I just admitted a crappy ending to one of my favorite cable series gave me mild holiday depression.  Way to let me down, Showtime, I’ll send you my counseling bills.)

I am lucky enough to have a job where they send us home the Friday before Christmas and we don’t go back until after New Year’s so I have been working out pretty much as much as I want.  I would really love for this final 15 pounds to get the f out.  I’m attempting to “take it up a notch” with my workouts and actually hold myself accountable for everything I eat.  So far I have really awesome days, and then there’s a holiday.  Like New Year’s where I pretty much drank more calories than I typically eat in a day.  So.  Yeah.  My emotional well being needed a good old fashioned New Year’s, and now I can safely say I’m ready to do this thing. 

Bring it, 2014.

Oh, and I also deactivated my Facebook, because really, it just makes me mildly to moderately annoyed these days. We’ll see how long I last, since it had basically became a small addiction. Maybe it will make me spend more time here?  Let’s hope.